Legal Quotes


The horrible thing about all legal officials, even the best, about all judges, magistrates, barristers, detectives, and policeman, is not that they are wicked (some of them are good), not that they are stupid (some of them are quite intelligent), it is simply that they have got used to it. Strictly they do not see the prisoner in the dock; all they see is the usual man in the usual place. They do not see the awful court of judgment; they see only their own workshop.
~G.K. Chesterton


Justice is like poison; whether it kills or heals depends on the dosage. ~Paracelsus


The prosecution, may it always be right, but the prosecution, right or wrong.
~ Judges' Credo


It is not good to have respect of persons in judgment.
~Proverbs 24:23


All you get from the law is what you take from the other side.
~Percy Foreman


Extremism in the defense of a client is no vice, and moderation in examining a state's witness is no virtue.
~John Wilkes


I can't be bought, but I can be rented. ~John Wilkes


Will I defend you? Will I defend you? I'll defend you to your very last cent!
~John Wilkes


Contempting the defense attorney is the Judge's way of making sure that somebody goes to jail.
~John Wilkes


You have the right to remain silent - for as long as you can.
~Policeman to Suspect


The criminal is prevented, by the very witnessing of the legal process, from regarding his deed as intrinsically evil.


The acme of judicial distinction means the ability to look a lawyer straight in the eyes for two hours and not hear a damned word he says.
~Chief Justice John Marshall


One cloud does not make a storm, nor one falsehood make a criminal.
~Charlie Chan


Never pick a juror whose mouth puckers smaller than a chicken's ass hole.